Wealth Management


S3 Global Multi-Strategy Master Fund LTD.

The S3 Global Multi-Strategy Master Fund Ltd. is part of a Master Feeder Fund Structure consisting of a Bermuda Master, Foreign Bermuda Feeder and a Delaware Domestic Feeder.

Our feeder funds are used to accommodate the separate needs of U.S. investors, U.S. tax exempt investors and Non-U.S. investors. The Funds’ primary objective is capital appreciation with consistent returns to investors by utilizing global credit expertise of the Founders while lowering the overall risk profile of its investments through various hedging techniques.

The Funds’ investment strategy involves seeking global investment opportunities, primarily utilizing a variety of strategies to match the objectives of the Fund Class investing in the Master Fund.

S3 Global Multi-Strategy (Valletta) SICAV P.L.C.

The S3 Global Multi-Strategy Fund (Valletta) SICAV P.L.C. was launched in September 2011.

The investment objective of the Valletta Fund is to maximize total investor returns on a risk adjusted basis through a collective investment of its funds in securities and other immovable property, with the aim of spreading investment risks and giving shareholders the benefits of the results of the management of its funds.

This Maltese Fund is used to accommodate the needs of our European Union investors.

Separately Managed Accounts

A separately managed account is a portfolio of individual securities managed on a client’s behalf by NuVerse. NuVerse provides discretionary portfolio management of the client’s account based upon the risk tolerance and investment objectives that the client specifies. Generally, the client utilizes a prime broker and custodian recommended by NuVerse.